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What Is ListPipe?

ListPipe is content marketing for auto shops like yours.

Custom content, engaging graphics, and regular posting to your website, Facebook and Twitter.

We help you engage with customers, attract new ones, and build awareness and trust.

ListPipe for Auto Shop online marketing

Warm it up with fresh content every week!

Custom articles from ListPipe for Auto are written every week to help you warm up your customers and keep them thinking of you.

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Social marketing for automotive by ListPipe

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ListPipe has generated over 30 million clicks with engaging content designed to be fun, engaging, and irresistibly sharable. 

Marketing tools for automotive social marketers.

We'll do all the work with all the right tools.

We develop great custom content and post it to your site and social networks so you don’t have to.

Get great content marketing for your auto shop with ListPipe

Don't wait to start your engines!

What better way to get a jump on the competition than with a month or two of great social content before the end of the year?

Did You Know: ListPipe has generated over 30 million social clicks.

Let’s get some for you!

Automated Social Sharing

The amazing power of social media can help attract more customers to your business. Social networking on Facebook and Twitter is one of the best ways to generate word of mouth and increase customer trust.

The only problem: it takes time away from what you do. So let us do it for you.

Each week when we post fresh content to your website, we’ll also repost it to your Facebook and Twitter. As your customers ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ you, they’ll see fun and interesting content posted from your shop. The more they share with friends, the more friends will know about your shop in their community.

Each post includes an image, excerpt, and a link to your site. We’ve generated over 30 million clicks like this, and we want to help you get your share! It’s easy to set up; just visit the Link To Social section of the ListPipe Control Panel.

One Month Free Trial!

Start ListPipe for Auto today and get your first month free! That’s four great article posts delivered to your site, and to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Totally Free! It’s a great way to try our service.

Even better: If you sign up for our Twin Turbo, you’ll get double the content – 8 posts!

All you need to do is sign up as a subscriber. If you don’t like our service by the end of the month, you can cancel at any time. You keep the content. No obligation, and no commitment.

A Competitive Head Start

Our ListPipe service has always been popular with auto shops like yours, but only a few have experienced our new channel of engaging social content, and we’ve designed it to be a real marketing advantage.

Our new social content is all about automotive, and designed to be more visually interesting, clever, and fun. Our goal is to generate shares, likes, and interest for your business. The end result is a more engaging experience for the customers who follow you on your web and social pages.

Don’t wait too long to get a jump on your competition; be the first in your area and start sharing relevant, interesting automotive content today.

No Contract Required

I’m Cary Snowden, President of ListPipe, and I will cancel your subscription at any time.

No startup fee. No contract. No hidden costs.

We’ll work hard to keep you as a valued customer, but if you decide at any time that ListPipe isn’t for you, there is no obligation to continue for any length of time. Guaranteed.

—Cary Snowden, ListPipe

Don’t Have A Site?

No problem; we’ll provide you with a full WordPress website as part of your subscription to ListPipe for Auto. Hosting is included. We’ll even get you started with a Home Page, Blog, and Contact Page.

You’ll have full access to your professional website, including the ability to create new pages, add your own content, or edit the content we provide. You can even map your own domain and personalize every inch.

We’ll help you along the way with how-tos for you do-it-yourself-ers, or full support; We’re here to help.

Extra Custom Content

Each article will be unique to your shop. You provide the personalized details you want us to include.

We’ll add customizations that distinguish your content and help you engage with your local audience. When your customers see your posts, they’ll read as if written by the owner of your shop. We’ll help you establish your business as the go-to automotive expert in your location.

We even incorporate your unique contact information and links back to your site, so when friends-of-friends share your content on social media, your contact information gets shared, too. The next time they need something for their automobile, you’ll come to mind. Every article includes an exclusive call-to-action so customers can contact you directly, schedule auto services, or ask questions.

Save Time

As a service center owner, manager, or employee, your expertise is in cars, tires, oil, and parts. We get this, and that’s why busy shop owners love our service.

ListPipe for Auto will help you save time while improving your online and social marketing. We post new content to your site every week, saving you at least a couple of hours, and the worry of keeping the pace.

We’ll take over the burden of writing your marketing content, creating new graphics, and posting to your social accounts so you can spend more time on building a better customer experience at your auto shop.

3 Options For Delivery

We offer three easy ways you can receive ListPipe for Auto personalized content.

Whether you have an existing site, need an upgrade, or are just starting online; we can help. ListPipe offers three easy ways to receive our content:

Delivered to your existing WordPress site via plugin.
If you have a WordPress site, just load our ListPipe Content Generator plugin and activate it. Easy.

Need a new website?
We can provide a new website for your business in just five minutes. You’ll be automatically connected to our content subscription, and ready to add your own customizations. We’re always here to help, too.

No WordPress? No problem.
We provide advanced webmaster options that work with almost any site. We’ll provide sample code that makes it super-easy. And if you need help, just let us know.

Better Than Blue Book

The ListPipe for Auto Standard subscription is an unbelievable value at only $24.95 per month; you’ll get a new custom article each week with automated Facebook and Twitter posts.

It’s a cost-effective way to improve your online marketing with fun, interesting automotive content that begs to be shared. At about six bucks a week, it’s less than you’d pay for a fancy morning coffee.

Double your social speed with the ListPipe for Auto Twin Turbo subscription and get two articles each week for only $10 more. That’s 8 articles each month for only $34.95!

That’s A Good Question

What’s the best way to engage a customer? —It’s a good question.

Which is one of the many ways our new content is designed to be more socially-engaging. Research indicates that people are more willing to engage when you ask them a question or challenge their knowledge. We’ve incorporated the leading social marketing strategies into a new channel of engaging social content.

ListPipe for Auto is designed to attract new and existing customers with fun and interesting interactions that compel engagement. We’ve also gone back to the drawing board to create high-quality socially-optimized images that are visually-interesting, grab attention, and beg to be shared.

ListPipe is your answer to automotive social marketing.

More Than Affordable

Our ListPipe for Auto Standard subscription is more than affordable at only $6.25 per week. That’s less than some people paid for coffee this morning, and not a bad price for the comfort in knowing that your social marketing is taken care of, every week.

Choose to upgrade to our Twin Turbo subscription and you’ll save even more at only $4.38 per article!

You’ll be saving time, money, and peace of mind; how’s that for a bargain?!

Turn Heads With Detail

Interesting graphics are the trick of the trade. It’s the difference between a missed opportunity and a second look.

At ListPipe for Auto, we combine our award-winning writing with crisp, clean graphics and unique images that capture attention.

We’ve literally gone back to the drawing board to create a new style of image to accompany every post we deliver. Each image features an engaging question or premise, and a visually-interesting photo or illustration. We want people looking at your site, and the best way to do that is with high-quality graphics that reach out and grab your attention.

A Free Month From ListPipe for Auto

The time is now to take advantage of our ListPipe for Auto Free Month offer!

This is a great way to try our service and see how it works without any obligation or expense.

Sign up today as a Standard or Twin Turbo subscriber, and we’ll get you started with a full month of free content. At the end of the month you can decide to continue receiving content, or to close your subscription. You keep the content.

No obligation. No comittment. One Free Month. Start it up right now!

Random Weekly Delivery

ListPipe delivers engaging, sharable automotive content each week at random times to help you maintain an organic profile for your web and social presence. You’ll generate engagement without building search engine ‘immunity’ due to predictable routines.

With our ListPipe for Auto Standard subscription, we deliver one article each calendar week between Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon. Your content may arrive at a morning hour, or later in the afternoon.

With each post we will send you a notification to let you know that you have new content. We’ll also repost your content to your Facebook and Twitter pages; both optional, but recommended.

If you subscribe to our Twin Turbo subscription, you’ll get two posts each calendar week. We deliver these at random times, too, but always post the first article between Tuesday and Wednesday, and the second between Thursday and Friday.

Irresistibly Sharable

Reaching a wider audience means offering something that your friends are willing to share. We understand this, because we’ve seen content go unshared.

Our goal is to increase shares that lead back to your business.

The key is to present intriguing content with the ‘Wow Factor’ that sparks interest quickly and causes people to think.

ListPipe for Auto provides quick, fun, and entertaining articles that your customers will want to share. We always discuss automotive topics, and we’ve worked hard to make them fun and interesting. Take a look at our online Samples for a quick look at what you’ll be getting.

Leave It To The Pros

As an automotive service advisor, you’ve probably explained to your customers more than once that it’s best to leave it to the pros. After all, it’s what you do all day long, and you have the tools, talent, and experience to deliver the best job for the price.

We understand this principle completely, and that’s why ListPipe for Auto is the perfect partner for your online marketing: We’re auto content specialists with the tools and expertise to help you get the most effective work for the most efficient cost.

We’re experts, and we are excited to help you achieve success for your business.

Need Help With Your Site?

The team at ListPipe for Auto creates great content, but we also know how to manage a modern website.

Whether you need a hand getting set up, need a new site, or want to update your existing site to something more modern, mobile, or exciting, we can help!

We have a full suite of web services including one-time or monthly SEO services to help you compete for attention in your local area. Take a look at our product pricing.